It completely changes the organization and management of the kennel you are used to. A stylish, effective and quick way to unify all data about breeding, treatment, and exhibitions.

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Breeder Assistant benefits

Quick and efficient track of all information related to your kennel. Comparison of dogs from same litters but also from others.
Notification about all important events for a particular dog or kennel (vaccination, exhibitions, repeat therapy etc.)

Breeder Assistant benefits

Body proportions

Enter all information about your dog form the birth onwards. Keep track of its development and growth and compare it with other dogs.

Medical record

All data related to the health and the treatment of your dog are stored here. All gene tests. Therapies through life.


The scores, trophies, titles and descriptions of your dog, all in one place ready to be analyzed or to be sent to potentially interested people.


All costs and incomes are displayed in one place.

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FREE Version

It is limited to two months with limited possibilities.


Annual usage

A full version of limited functionality for one year.

50 €/year

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A version for lifetime usage with all options and upgrades included in the price.

300 €

For full information about product prices and release date contact us!

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It is very important for us to be in touch with you. You are the user and only you can upgrade this software. Without your suggestions and criticism the program cannot progress. We are looking forward to any questions and contacts and we answer as soon as possible.

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